Since life is a product of all our choices, it helps to discover the powerful hidden forces that influence most of our choices.  Shedding the light of awareness on these invisible drives and staying vigilant about their moves is a simple way to enhancing our quality of life.

When we’re driven by our egos we are delusional.  For instance, “egotistical” people often act as if they have powers and rights they really don’t. And when we’re ego-driven we are also tormented by groundless fears. We worry about imperfections that others never see; we lash out at threats that are mostly imaginary.  We also tend to feel entitled and become greedy.

Why so many delusions?  Because the ego itself is a delusion.  It’s a fictional version of yourself, made up by the mind — almost like a character in a play, except this character goes with you everywhere, and it will make all your choices if you let it.

By learning to become aware of our basic instincts and the ego, and by recognizing that we are not our egos, we can begin to live as our true and full selves. 

Krishna Pendyala

“The Key to a Better Life is Being Aware in the Life we Live.”